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At ISNA Schools, our most distinguishing feature is our people.  The faculty at ISNA Schools are not only certified but also qualified to teach our students.  Our school administration includes personnel with high qualifications and experiences directly related to education. Our teachers possess credible and relevant experiences in education as well as their respective fields.  Our faculty specialization works in harmony with subject specialization. 

ISNA Schools Senior Administration

Salar A. Rasoul Salar A. Rasoul
Principal, ISNA High School

ISNA Schools Staff

As your child progresses through our system you will find that our:

  • school is led by an administration who are highly qualified and experienced in Islamic day school education in Canada
  • kindergarten teachers are qualified as Early Childhood Educators alongside their certification.  
  • middle and high school teachers have specific qualifications in their respective subjects they teach
  • teachers have extraordinary professional experiences from all walks of life 
  • teachers are practicing Muslims, cognisant of Canadian values and culture
  • instructional strategies are based on a blended learning approach

Explore our specific staff profiles:

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