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One of the most important assets to any organization is the staff. ISNA High School prides itself in having dedicated, certified, and role model staff who are at the heart of the school’s success.

To learn more about each staff member, click on their respective names. 

School Administration

Mr. S.A. Rasoul Mr. S.A. Rasoul
Ms. N. Aslam Ms. N. Aslam
Vice Principal
Ms. N. Mohsini Ms. N. Mohsini
Guidance Counsellor
Ms. S. Shakoor Ms. S. Shakoor
Administrative Assistant - Admissions Liaison
Ms. A. Elahee Ms. A. Elahee
Ms. A. Qasim Ms. A. Qasim
aisha.qasim@isnaschools.com x304

Teaching Staff

Mr. W. Abdul-Ghani Mr. W. Abdul-Ghani
Teacher (French/Arabic/Art)
Ms. A. Lodi Ms. A. Lodi
Teacher (English)
a.lodi@isnaschools.com x510
Mr. M. Qureshi Mr. M. Qureshi
Teacher (Physics) / Guidance
m.qureshi@isnaschools.com x505
Mr. A. S. Haque Mr. A. S. Haque
Teacher (French/Math/Business)
a.haque@isnaschools.com x500
Mr. S. Hussain Mr. S. Hussain
Teacher (Islamic Studies)
s.hussain@isnaschools.com x506
Mr. A. Husainy Mr. A. Husainy
Teacher (English, Social Studies)
a.husainy@isnaschools.com x501
Ms. N. Ejaz Ms. N. Ejaz
Teacher (Math/Social Science)
n.ejaz@isnaschools.com x504
Mr. S. Khan Mr. S. Khan
Teacher (Science)
s.khan@isnaschools.com x503
Ms. H. Qureshy Ms. H. Qureshy
Teacher (Visual Arts)
h.qureshy@isnaschools.com x502
Ms. A. Mohamed Ms. A. Mohamed
Teacher (Social Sciences)
am.mohamed@isnaschools.com x507
Ms. F. Fatima Ms. F. Fatima
Teacher (Mathematics)
f.fatima@isnaschools.com x508
Ms. J. Ejaz Ms. J. Ejaz
Teacher (Chemistry/gr. 9 Science)
j.ejaz@isnaschools.com x509
Mr. S. Ahmed Mr. S. Ahmed
Teacher (Social Sciences)
sh.ahmed@isnaschools.com x511