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Here are many exciting things happen at ISNA Elementary. Explore the following.

Student Life at ISNA Elementary

Getting involved in some of the many activities at ISNA Elementary will enrich your school life and create lasting skills, memories, and friendships. Student life involves your academics plus a whole lot more.Take a risk; join something new or outside your comfort zone. Find like-minded students and share your skills or develop new ones. Be a leader or learn to become one!

Students can get involved with:
Soccer Intramurals
Arabic Week
Ara-bee word list
Golden Age of Islamic Science
Parents Advisory Committee (PAC)

Since 2015, your Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) has been serving ISNA – for our community, for our ISNA families, for ISNA Schools as a whole, and mostly, for our children. The members of PAC have been generously giving their time and energy throughout the school year. They work diligently to provide support for our ISNA Elementary School community as a whole. Alhamdulillah the PAC has initiated a number of programs at our school, including Neighbourhood Gift Delivery Program, Parent Coffee Connect, Family Fun Night, Uniform Exchange. PAC members have been at the forefront in our school special events and in fundraising for various charities. We know we can always count on their support whenever it is needed. ISNA Elementary School staff, parents, and students would like to thank all members of the PAC for their tireless support of our school community.

Reach out to PAC:
[email protected]

Monthly PAC Newsletters:

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February 2017
February 2016
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May 2016
September 2016
October 2016
December 2016
Awards and Recognition at ISNA Elementary

Student recognition and appreciation is given a lot of importance at ISNA Elementary School. The purpose of our awards and recognition programs is to promote and encourage academic excellence, leadership, exemplary conduct, and service to the community.


As our society advances, education is rapidly changing. New paradigms of teaching as well as modern resources have appeared on the horizon leading to a new age of education.  At ISNA Elementary School we believe in a blended approach. Through modern technological platforms, our e-Learning program is very vibrant and has been successful ensuring a high level of student engagement leading to academic success.

In adopting 21st-century educational practices in technology, ISNA schools’ THINKTech initiative paves the way towards enlightenment by preparing students for the future, today.  ISNA Elementary has become a Google School where each and every student has a Chromebook with staff continuously incorporating various Google Apps into the learning process.  ISNA schools is a pioneer amongst Islamic Schools in Canada to adopt this 21st-century educational practice since 2011. It hopes to become an exemplary school to help and guide other Islamic Schools.

Read about our Thinktech initiatives:

  • Our students from JK -8 have Chromebooks, One-to-one computing allows teachers and students to leverage new opportunities for personalized instruction and learning.
  • Students from JK-5 have Chromebooks charging carts in their classrooms and are able to integrate technology into every subject.
  • Students from grades 6-8 are loaned school provisioned Chromebooks to take home and are expected to use these devices — both in and out of class — to read, write, create, communicate, collaborate and research.
  • Our teachers are given devices as well to incorporate technology into classrooms.
  • Each class has interactive projectors installed in the classrooms.
  • Many staff has become Google Certified Teachers in the process and more are becoming certified by September 2015 to become a student-focused educator school.
  • Teachers use these apps to deliver their lessons, check assignments, especially docs and forms, and Google classrooms.
  • We incorporate Web-based productivity, collaboration, and communication tools for teachers and students — Google Apps for Education tools are used.
  • Student accounts are part of a school controlled domain with Websense web security systems. Parents have full access and it is inclusive, transparent and safe.
  • Students from grade 1 to 12 have Gmail accounts and can access GAFE which allows accessing student learning within a secure online collaboration platform provided and managed by the ISNA Schools. GAFE offers unlimited online file storage and is to be used for educational purposes along with other Google Apps tools. These tools are accessible from any device that has access to the internet.
  • We emphasize the importance of digital citizenship with our students.
  • ‘Screen Time’ we monitor our student’s screen time and Chromebooks come with a sleep schedule. As Chromebooks can also be a big distraction, our IT team monitors and blocks gaming, social media, and other inappropriate websites for student safety.
  • Communicating with Parents: Thinkwave is a platform that we use to provide parents with stronger connections to their child’s learning through online tools for greater visibility and interactions. Viewing and reporting student attendance, viewing student progress, enhancing communication between teachers and parents, and sending digital report cards are a few examples of online communication with parents.
  • To view the student handbook of Thinktech Initiative please click here.
  • ISNA’s e-learning platform was promptly launched on Monday, March 23, 2020, with all staff prepared and well- equipped to deploy their e-learning program immediately. Teachers of all grades from JK-8 have taken to Google Classroom and Google Meet to engage students in the learning process.
School Year Calendar

ISNA Elementary Newsletter

ISNA Elementary School is proud to release the latest issues of our school periodical, The Pioneer, named after the school’s very own historic roots as the first full-time Islamic day school to be established in North America! It showcases some of the key events, happenings, and success stories that are constantly taking place at our beloved school. We hope you enjoy reading it, Insha Allah.

Issue #1: 2018-2019

Issue #2: 2019-2020