Spiritual LIFE

Being an Islamic school, the first priority of ISNA Elementary School is to provide students with an excellent Islamic environment.

In addition to Islamic Studies, Quran and Arabic courses, the school has a variety of other events and activities:

Quran Reading

Daily reading of a portion of the Quran by the entire school to commence the day. Students read portions of the Quran in order and complete the whole Quran by the last month of June. A reputable reciter’s recording on the public address guides the reading.

LIFE Program

Every day after Dhuhr prayer students attend the “Learning Islam For Enrichment” (LIFE) program. Which includes a Tafseer session explaining the verses students read earlier in the day as well as other important topics in Islam for everyday living.

Other Islamic Events & Activities

Other events and activities include assemblies to mark Islamic dates and events, a Hajj re-enactment, Quran recital programs, knowledge competitions and many others.