About Us

We welcome you to explore the option of learning online with us and learn skills that will make students leaders of tomorrow. INQUIRY, DESIGN AND CRITICAL THINKING are the core of our online learning.

Over 20+ years of Academic Excellence in Islamic Education

Earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma from anywhere in the world 

IHS is a ministry-inspected school and provides academic excellence within an Islamic pedagogy for more than 20 yrs. 

IHS International is an extension of IHS day school with the same Ontario Curriculum providing an opportunity for students anywhere in the world to earn their Canadian OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma).  

  • Our Muslim teachers are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and have experience with online teaching.  All staff is trained and equipped with the latest technology trends and tools for online teaching.  
  • Students will not only earn an OSSD but will gain technical and life skills to be able to become future Islamic Leaders
  • Islamic Studies will allow students to develop a strong Muslim identity along with integration of Islamic concepts within the curriculum
  • Friday Spiritual Program will allow students to reflect, learn and grow in Islamic knowledge

Introducing IHS International

Why Should You Enroll in IHS International?

This will provide students with a well-rounded education that meets the high academic standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Education and will prepare them for post-secondary education in Canada or other countries that recognize the Ontario diploma.

Muslim Teachers making Islamic cross-curricular connections in everyday learning and providing an Islamic lens along with accredited Islamic Studies and Islamic History Courses

Students do not have a restricting day schedule which allows more time for students to develop interpersonal skills through volunteering and serving their communities

Activity student curiosity rather than mere information delivery through online simulation activities, case studies and projects

Teachers will provide lots of support through weekly live check-in sessions with students and will be available for online support as needed