ISNA Schools Sponsorship Program

At ISNA Schools we appreciate the various and numerous contributions our school has received from the Muslim community.

Your generosity serves many purposes for Muslim children. It allows Muslim students access to a high standard of education based on both Islamic Studies and the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines. Furthermore, there is no better school environment for our children than our very own Islamic schools.

In order to continue to provide an excellent program and service, we rely on your continuous support. If you are interested in sponsoring any of our future projects please contact us:

ISNA Elementary School
Phone – 905 272 4303
Email – [email protected]

ISNA High School
Phone – 905 403 8406 ext. 300
Email – [email protected]

Umrah Graduation Trip Sponsorship

With the help of Allah, and the support of the community, ISNA High School has been organizing annual Umrah Graduation Trips for grade 12 students and their families since 2011. This year, the trip will take place from March 10, 2016 to March March 22, 2016

The purpose of this trip is to to give graduating students a memorable trip to reconnect with the roots of their faith as they embark on to their next phase of life and continue their studies at post-secondary institutions.

This trip cannot happen without the generous contributions and support from the community. Many students require sponsorship to be able to attend. We also need to cover costs for teacher volunteers attending this trip. Please click below and donate generously for this cause. All donations are tax deductable and a tax receipt will be issued early 2016.

Your contributions will help send Students and Teachers to this memorable trip of a life time. We appreciate your support.