Experiential Learning

At ISNA Elementary School, students learn in a blended learning approach comprised of traditional classroom teaching, engaging field trips and workshops and many other real-life and relevant learning experiences.

Integrated Student Learning Excursion (ISLE)

Integrated Student Learning Excursions are field trips that take the learning experience outside of the classroom. Students enjoy various trips that have direct connections with the curriculum.

ISLE trips bring a practical, real-life feel for the content students learn in the class. This reinforces the information they are given in class and makes it more enjoyable, relevant and meaningful for the students.

Discover some of the ISLEs our students participate in (below):


Students attend various workshops related to science, visual arts. There are also a number of other workshops that are community-related, such as police officer visits, railroad safety and environmental topics.

Workshop instructors are real-life scientists, artists and other professionals who work directly in the topic that students are studying. This provides the students with an opportunity to learn various topics directly from the experts. Workshops may be placed before, during and after classroom units and due to that classroom content is complemented and reinforced with these workshops to enrich the learning experience.

Discover some of the Workshops our students participate in (below):

Social Responsibility

A major part of our religion is to be responsible to the society. Fulfilling social responsibility was one of the core requirements of a Muslim in their lives. At ISNA Elementary School we have a diverse set of programs that allow our students to not only fulfill this Islamic requirement but to also inculcate in them the feelings of gratefulness and appreciation to Allah, as well as patience in the face of adversity. Students also gain insight on different ways they can and will be able to contribute to society in the future.

Discover some of the programs and activities that form our Social Responsibility program (below):

Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities enhance the student experience and contribute to a vibrant school community. These activities are the ones that develop strong school spirit. Co-curricular programs both are connected to the curriculum as well as beyond the curriculum as extra-curricular activities.

Students participate in a range of competitive activities designed to bring out their best work. Students learn important life skills such as displaying good conduct and respecting others. Examples include intramural sports leagues for Grades 5-8, science and art fairs, speech and writing competitions, mathematics contests and much more!

Discover some of the programs and activities that form our Co-curricular program (below):