ISNA High Experience

“Towards Enlightened Generations” is not only the motto of ISNA High School, but it is our vision and goal. Empowering students to succeed academically, socially, and spiritually with pleasing Allah as their inspiration is what we believe will create enlightened generations. With the help of Allah, the dedication of the staff and the talents of our students, we are able to hold many activities and events to strengthen school spirit and enrich the school learning environment every year. It is our philosophy to involve students with organizing and running many of the activities and events held throughout the year to help nurture and foster leadership, and instill a sense of confidence in the students.

Student Life at ISNA High School

Getting involved in some of the many activities at ISNA High will enrich your school life and create lasting skills, memories, and friendships. Student life involves your academics plus a whole lot more.Take a risk; join something new or outside your comfort zone. Find like-minded students and share your skills or develop new ones. Be a leader or learn to become one!

Opportunities for growth are provided to students through differentiated instruction, independent study and team projects. Provincial and national competitions, such as contests in math, science and modern languages, enable motivated students to stretch their learning in specific subject areas

ISNA School experience ends with a Senior Grade 12 trip to perform Umrah. This completes the Islamic School experience and puts into perspective the Islamic Teachings the students have learned and they are able to visualize the path taken to establish Islam.

Student Handbook

This handbook has been produced to provide students and parents[1] with information about the structure of the school program, school routines and requirements and the academic and social responsibilities of students. While an attempt has been made to be as detailed as possible, you may still have questions that have not been answered after reading this Handbook. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact the school at any time. Please click on the handbook below to access the full document.

[1] Throughout this document, the term parent is understood to include legal guardian(s), and child/daughter/son to include ward(s).

Annual Umrah Graduation Trip

With the help of Allah, and the support of the community, ISNA High School has been organizing annual Umrah Graduation Trips for grade 12 students and their families since 2011. The trip takes place around March Break and is partially subsidized by donations from the community.

The purpose of this trip is to to give graduating students a memorable trip to reconnect with the roots of their faith as they embark on to their next phase of life and continue their studies at post-secondary institutions.

THINKTech Initiative at ISNA High School

In adopting 21st century educational practices in technology, ISNA schools’ THINKTech initiative paves the way towards enlightenment by preparing students for the future, today. ISNA High has become a Google School where each and every student has a Chromebook Laptop with staff continuously incorporating various Google Apps into the learning process.

Further, this initiative also aligns with ISNA High’s focus on leadership training for students. By using various Google tools, students in leadership roles develop important skills such as organization, planning and communication, which allows them to develop essential lifelong skills towards becoming leaders for the community.

Many staff have become Google Certified Teacher’s in the process and more are becoming certified.

ISNA schools is a pioneer amongst Islamic Schools in Canada to adopt this 21st century educational practice. It hopes to become an exemplary schools to help and guide other Islamic Schools.

School Year Calendar

Student Activity Council (SAC) - Leadership Program

ISNA High believes strongly in providing opportunities for every student to have a voice and to develop his/her leadership skills. It is our responsibility to prepare students and to develop their skills and personal characteristics to be a successful leader. All students are expected to support the leadership of those in formal roles who have the responsibility to carry out specific duties. These leadership opportunities encourage the development of skills that will serve the students at school, their personal goals and ambitions, and serve the community as future leaders.

The purpose of the Student Activity Council (SAC) is to raise school spirit and participation, as well as awareness of various social issues, through activities and events that engage the student body.

The SAC is the largest and most active club at ISNA High. It is responsible for some of the most of memorable and noteworthy events that take place during the year such as:

The annual Eid trip
The Water-Well Project
Sports intramurals and tournaments
Weekly lunches
Boys qiyams and girls movie/chill nights
School BBQs and the year-end picnic
Monthly cup of tea sessions
And so much more!
Co-Curricular Activities

ISNA High School provides a range of co-curricular activities during the lunch break and after school hours.

Co-curricular activities support the academic program, promote an environment conducive to learning, enhance student motivation and provide opportunities for leadership.

There are many ways to get involved by joining clubs, sports teams, Student Activity Council. Want to start a new club? Great, we’re always looking for students to use their creativity and initiate new activities for students. Your experience at ISNA High is how you want it to be.

Students can get involved with:
Student council
Athletics clubs (soccer, basketball, ball hockey, volleyball, badminton, and more)
Yearbook and student newsletter committees
Reader’s Den
ISNA Green Club
ICC (ISNA Charity Club)
Remedial support and academic enhancement by teachers
Visual arts clubs
Dawa committee and community awareness committee
Creative Writing Club
HOPE (Homeless Outreach Providing Essentials) Club
ISNA High Art Exhibition

Welcome to the first annual ISNA High school Art Exhibition. Please join us as we celebrate our students, and their creativity.