IHS International Academic Program

IHS International is a fully online asynchronous school that allows flexibility for students to work at their own pace and allows more time for students to develop interpersonal skills through volunteering and serving their communities.  


Our secure Learning Management System creates unique digital classrooms for K-12 learning.  The system allows us to support, enrich and connect every aspect of teaching and learning.  It keeps learners connected, organized and accessible. 


ISNA High School International’s approach to education is centered on activating student curiosity and encouraging them to question, research, present and reflect. This helps students to develop critical thinking skills and become lifelong learners.  

IHS International online program is unique as it not only provides a strong academic but also the following:

  • An easy-to-use learning platform with everything in one place 
  • Weekly Teacher live online support and check-ins 
  • Inquiry-based learning 
  • Emphasis on Community Service 
  • Opportunities to connect with students across the globe
  • Student wellness program 
  • University life preparation program 
  • Spiritual reflections 
  • Charity Work 

Demo Online Course Video