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Experiences at ISNA High School

Students look forward to the annual ski trip. ISNA High School has participated in many soccer tournaments and games throughout the city. Art Mural designed and painted annually by the grade 11/12 Art Class Grade 9 students planting trees and getting involved with Earth Day Annual Basketball Tournament at ISNA High School ISNA High students participate in the annual DECA Canada Business competition

“Towards Enlightened Generations” is not only the motto of ISNA High School, but it is our vision and goal. Empowering students to succeed academically, socially, and spiritually with pleasing Allah as their inspiration is what we believe will create enlightened generations. With the help of Allah, the dedication of the staff and the talents of our students, we are able to hold many activities and events to strengthen school spirit and enrich the school learning environment every year. It is our philosophy to involve students with organizing and running many of the activities and events held throughout the year to help nurture and foster leadership, and instill a sense of confidence in the students.   

Opportunities for growth are provided to students through differentiated instruction, independent study and team projects. Provincial and national competitions, such as contests in math, science and modern languages, enable motivated students to stretch their learning in specific subject areas

ISNA School experience ends with a Senior Grade 12 trip to perform Umrah.  This completes the Islamic School experience and puts into perspective the Islamic Teachings the students have learned and they are able to visualize the path taken to establish Islam.