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School Closure Update: School will be closed as per ministry directives until further notice. For any inquires or for registration, we are only available via email - |  

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The mission of ISNA Schools is to provide a challenging academic program in an Islamic environment, preparing students for post-secondary school education. ISNA Schools consists of two separate campuses, an Elementary campus and a High school campus, located in Mississauga, Ontario. Meet the two Principals of ISNA Schools.

Principals' Message

Salar A. Rasoul: Principal - ISNA High School

With the grace of Allah, ISNA High School has become one of the leading Islamic Secondary Schools in Canada, striving to enlighten future generations. We have a state of the art facility, Ontario Certified Teachers who are role models for the community, full adherence and compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Education. Our unique program provides many opportunities for leadership development and training, in addition to instilling Islamic teachings and values. Students have the unique opportunity to also learn from two of the leading Muslim community scholars in Canada, Sheikh Abadalla Idris Ali and Sheikh Alaa ElSayed. Advancement in latest technology and educational trends allows for students to maximize their potential and receive entrance scholarships and awards to prominent universities in Ontario and worldwide. We are proud that with our university admission rate of over 98% and students strengthening their Islamic identity, ISNA High School has become a beacon of light for the community by the grace of Allah and the support of the community. 

ISNA High School Principal's Message

Vaseema Arifuddin: Principal - ISNA Elementary School 

Assalaamu Alaykum. Welcome to ISNA Elementary School, one of North America's pioneer Islamic day schools.  Established over 30 years ago, ISNA Elementary is a leader in education for the Muslim community.  Student experiences at our school are authentic, relevant and practical. At ISNA Elementary, students learn the mainstream provincial curriculum and traditional Islamic education in a safe and blended learning environment. We are committed to always increasing student interest by implementing the most up-to-date standards and technology. Students at our school also develop strong character traits that are modeled by Prophetic examples. I encourage you to view my introductory video and to visit the rest of our website. You will discover how to achieve success, through ISNA Elementary School.


30+ Years of Achievements

  • 30 Years: Pioneer full-time Islamic school in North America (established in 1983).
  • Many Muslim professionals in Canada and abroad have attended and graduated from ISNA Elementary School.
  • ISNA is well recognized Internationally as the most visible Islamic Organization in North America
  • Exceptionally Strong Academic portfolio: 200+ Experimental & Experiential Learning activities per year: STSE SIS ISLES VAM
  • One of Ontario's top rated schools
  • ISNA Elementary School students have consistently performed above provincial test score averages (Ontario).
  • ISNA Elementary School is located in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood that is officially zoned for a school (formerly a public school).
  • Sustainability Initiatives and recycling programs.                                                                  
  • Over 95% of ISNA High students get accepted at prominent Universities in Ontario and worldwide. 
  • Over 60% of ISNA High students receive scholarship offers from universities annually.
  • ISNA Elementary School students have first priority for admission into ISNA High School.
  • Technology and e-Learning
  • Amana Leadership Program
  • Science & Civilization in Islam Exhibition 2014
  • Social engagement and out reach programs: Cancer Research & Funding Victims of Natural Disasters 
  • Science Fair: Highly developed model with renewable energy projects.




Practical Learning based on over 200 Experimental and Experiential activites per academic year.

ISNA School is an independent private school with two divisions, from JK - Gr. 8 and Gr. 9 - Gr. 12. We offer a unique learning environment designed to meet the child's individual needs and encourage each student to pursue integrity and excellence within an Islamic framework.

The school maintains high academic standards to ensure that our students succeed in post-secondary endeavours. Our students’ achievement is well above the standards maintained by the province of Ontario.



Graduate Success


ISNA Schools takes great pride in student success.  Graduating from ISNA High School at the end of Grade 12 is the fulfillment of a journey that started 14 years ago in Kindergarten.  We are pleased to see that many professionals and dedicated citizens in the Muslim Canadian community are our graduates.

Our relationship with our students does not end with their graduation, in fact it continues.  With the grace of Allah, our graduates become our school’s ambassadors in the community.  They enter universities competing for top scholarships.  They form many professions: doctors, engineers, university lecturers, lawyers and social workers to name a few.  Our graduates give back to our school as well as the community.

Our graduates completed their education in an Islamic environment.  The respect and devotion they have to our Creator and His religion is noteworthy and this is what motivates them to continue working for good causes throughout their lives.

Our alumni’s success is our success; one story after another.  We would like to recognize and share these amazing stories that have been formed in our schools.




Social Program & Islamic Values


  • Social Welfare Projects
  • Effectiveness
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Goal Setting & Motivation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Win-win Strategies
  • Health & Fitness
  • Life Skills Training
  • Memory Enhancement
  • Creative Writing



Our Amana Leadership Program provides an opportunity for high performance in intellectual areas as well as behavioral skills.  The program is based on the premise of Islamic Stewardship as per the Quranic injunction of Amal and Amana (literally to act responsibly).


We engage students in outdoor educational and recreational programs, which inspire students to have an appreciation of our natural world in a fun and recreational environment.


  • Experiential Science Program
  • Group Behaviour
  • Sustainability Education
  • Field Studies
  • Summer Camps

ISNA Elementary is focused on engaging students with the practical requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s STSE Program (Science, Technology, Society & Environment).

Teachers incorporate STSE daily in their lesson plans and in experiential learning.

ISNA Elementary has a hands-on environmental campaign proactively managed by the students: separating recyclables collected within each classroom and further on a weekly basis, loading it into the respective recycling containers.



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