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Student Life at ISNA High School 


Getting involved in some of the many activities at ISNA High will enrich your school life and create lasting skills, memories,  and friendships. Student life involves your academics plus a whole lot more.Take a risk; join something new or outside your comfort zone.  Find like-minded students and share your skills or develop new  ones. Be a leader or learn to become one!

There's many ways to get involved by joining clubs, sports teams, Student Activity Council.  Want to start a new club? Great, we're always looking for students to use their creativity and initiate new activities for students. Your experience at ISNA High is how you want it to be.

Students can get involved with:

  • Yearbook Club
  • Newsletter Club
  • Student Activity Council
  • Various Sports for Boys and Girls 
  • Art Club
  • Media Committee 
  • Tech Club
  • Photography
  • Dawah Committee

And a whole lot more!