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With the recent and unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, it is no surprise that the school system has been hit with quite an unusual turn of events. However, the entire ISNA community, including staff, students and parents have come together in remarkable unison to make the most out of this unique situation. 

ISNA’s e-learning platform was promptly launched on Monday, March 23, 2020, with all staff prepared and well- equipped to deploy their e-learning program immediately. Teachers of all grades from JK-8 have taken to Google Classroom, Seesaw and Zoom to engage students in the learning process. 

Here is a brief breakdown of the program:

1)  IES e-Learning Overview (presents the overall program arrangement) 

2) IES e-Learning Sample Lesson (shows what a sample lesson would look like)

3) IES e-Learning Program Update Week 3