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Welcome to ISNA Elementary School's Junior division.  The Junior School is for Grades 1-5.



Core Subjects

Junior students are taught their core subjects from the Government of Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines catered to our school.  This represents courses in Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education and Visual Arts. 


French: French starts in Grade 4.

Arabic: In order to maintain the Islamic religion and culture, Arabic is taught to students as its own course.  The Arabic program is specialized catering to the diverse needs of the students. Students are appropriately placed in either a "General" Arabic course stream or an "Advanced" course stream within each grade based on their proficiency and demonstration of course requirements.


Islamic Studies

Quran: Students will memorize the Quran.  From Grade 4 students will begin to analyze Tafseer (the meanings of the verses of the Quran).  They will also learn various styles of reading as well as correct pronunciation and the rules of Tajweed.

Islamic Studies: There are a number of topics in this subject that students will cover.  Aqaa'id (Beliefs), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Seerah (Life of the Noble Prophet peace be upon him), Ilm al-Hadeeth (Sciences of the Narrations of the Prophet peace be upon him), Tarikh (History), Adab wa al-Akhlaq (Ettiquettes and Manners), Tazkiyah al-Nafs (Purification of the Soul), Qasas al-Anbiya (Stories of the Prophets) and more.


In addition, Grades 4-5 students will have a specialized Computer Studies course as well.