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SAC Constitution

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Congratulations to the Student Activity Council for 2015-16

Boys' Council:

  •   President: Khalid Radwan
  • - Vice-President: Faizan Habibi
  • - General Administrator: Akram El-Wazani
  • - Spirit Co-ordinator: AbdulRahman Hamideh
  • - Sports Co-ordinator (IHAC President): Youssef Youssef
  • - Junior Rep: TBD (Sept. 2015)

Girls' Council:

  • President: Asmaa Toor
  • - Vice-President: Alaa Zeyara
  • - General Administrator: Ifrah Khan
  • - Spirit Co-ordinator: Anna Sheikh
  • - Sports Co-ordinator (IHAC President): Maryam El-Ashiri
  • - Junior Rep: TBD (Sept. 2015)  


Student Activity Council (SAC)

ISNA High believes strongly in providing opportunities for every student to have a voice and to develop his/her leadership skills. It is our responsibility to prepare students and to develop their skills and personal characteristics to be a successful leader. All students are expected to support the leadership of those in formal roles who have the responsibility to carry out specific duties. These leadership opportunities encourage the development of skills that will serve the students at school, their personal goals and ambitions, and serve the community as future leaders. 

The purpose of the Student Activity Council (SAC) is to raise school spirit and participation, as well as awareness of various social issues, through activities and events that engage the student body.  

It's elections time boys and girls! The SAC election process for the 2015-2016 Presidents and Vice-Presidents is underway. The SAC is the largest and most active club at ISNA High. It is responsible for some of the most of memorable and noteworthy events that take place during the year such as:

- The annual Eid trip
- The Water-Well Project
- Sports intramurals and tournaments
- Weekly lunches
- Boys qiyams and girls movie/chill nights
- School BBQs and the year-end picnic
- Monthly cup of tea sessions
- ...And so much more!!!

A big SHOUT OUT and JazakAllahu khair to this year's SAC for working extremely hard week in and week out to give us a memorable year! Your continued dedication and enthusiasm has been crucial to a successful year alhamdulillah. With a little over a month left, you're almost at the finish line!

Now, back to the elections... If you are interested in running for one of the following four positions, please pick up the nomination form from the office and have it returned to Ms. Al-Tarawneh or Mr. Sardar by Thursday, May 14. 

- President Boys
- Vice-President Boys
- President Girls
- Vice-President Girls

It is in your best interest to hand in your application on Wednesday, May 13 as the school field trips are on Thursday insha'Allah and you might forget to hand it in.

Please note the following important dates and deadlines during the election process:

1. May 12 - Pick up nomination forms from office
2. May 13/14 - Hand in completed application form to Ms. Al-Tarawneh or Mr. Sardar
3. May 19/20 - Candidate interviews with school admin
4. May 21 - Announcement of the runners
5. May 22 - Campaigning begins
6. May 25 - Speeches during LIFE
7. May 27 - Elections
8. May 28 - Announcement of elections results

Please note that the selection process for the remaining SAC positions will commence following the announcement of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents. Keep an eye out for updates on those dates in the coming weeks!

The remaining positions on the SAC are as follows:

1. General Administrator - Boys and Girls
2. Spirit Coordinator - Boys and Girls
3. Junior Representative - Boys and Girls (Incoming Grade 9s 2015-2016)
4. Sports Coordinator (IHAC President) - Boys and Girls
5. Treasurer* - Joint Position
6. Charity Coordinator - Joint Position

* - Executive position along with Presidents and VPs

For detailed roles and responsibilities of each position, please read the SAC Constitution, which has been posted below. If you are interested in applying for a position but aren't sure which position best matches your skills, experiences, and personality, don't feel shy to have a chat with Ms. Al-Tarawneh, Ms. Mohsini, Mr. Thakur, Mr. Qureshi, or Mr. Sardar. Or any of the teachers or administration for that matter! Remember, these positions are an amanah (trust) and it's critical that we fulfill that amanah by making the right decisions!

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