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Every two years, the Ontario Ministry of Education visits ISNA High School to assess all aspects of the academic program and to ensure the school is in full compliance with the ministry requirements. To visit the Ministry website, click below:



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Academic Program

At ISNA High School, the pursuit of excellence in all things governs school life.

  • The investigation of human knowledge and the acquisition of skills within a vibrant Islamic setting inspire and provide focus. 
  • As a registered school with the Ontario Ministry of Education, our curriculum covers all overall and specific expectations provided by the ministry. In addition, our program is grounded in Islamic context. It demands good teaching and student accountability. A focus on learning and practicing Islamic values, along with developing academic skills and applying them in all endeavours, is the hallmark of our program. 
  • The school program demands total participation in the exercise of the intellectual, physical, and spiritual faculties found within each member of the ISNA High School community. 
  • ISNA High School offers academic and university bound courses with the objective of students pursuing a university education. We are proud that over 95% of our graduates are accepted to top universities of their choice, with over 50% receiving scholarships. 
Academic Excellence
  • The educative process is both formative and summative. Quizzes, tests, assignments, projects, portfolios, presentations and compulsory exams are a regular part of the student’s work. Since the majority of our students pursue university admission, the expectations of parents, students and faculty alike are very high.
  • A successful year for students is measured by their diligence in studies and their initiative and responsibility as contributing members of the school and its community.
  • To see courses offered at the school, please click the Course Calendar icon on the left or go to the Student Services page. 

LIFE Program (Learning Islam For Excellence) 

Fostering opportunities to integrate Islam into daily student learning is a key objective of the school. The LIFE program is a twenty minute per day session that is conducted by one of the Imams of the Masjid, school staff, or a guest speaker from the community. Students cover various topics that are relevant to them or reflect on current affairs pertaining to the community locally or globally. This is a school wide program that is conducted after Dhur (noon) prayer.

Co-Curricular Activities

ISNA High School provides a range of co-curricular activities during the lunch break and after school hours.

Co-curricular activities support the academic program, promote an environment conducive to learning, enhance student motivation and provide opportunities for leadership.


Activities include, among others:

  • Student council
  • Remedial support and academic enhancement by teachers
  • Athletics clubs (soccer, basketball, ball hockey, volleyball, badminton, and more)
  • Visual arts clubs 
  • Yearbook and student newsletter committees
  • Dawa committee and community awareness committee
  • Reader’s Den
  • Creative Writing Club
  • ISNA Green Club