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  • ISNA Elementary School has a challenging academic program that helps students develop the skills needed to live and work successfully in a fast changing world.  In particular, ISNA Elementary School effectively prepares students for secondary school enrollment and success. 
  • The school’s academic program is grounded in Islamic context and shared Islamic practice. A focus on learning and practicing Islamic values, along with developing academic skills and applying them in all endeavours, is the hallmark of our program. 
  • The academic program at ISNA Elementary School is fun and challenging at the same time.  Students enjoy a wide variety of teaching techniques and strategies ranging from teacher centred approaches to student centred approaches and even collaborated learning methods.  Students learn through discussions, cooperative learning, Socratic lessons and traditional methods. 
  • One of ISNA Elementary School’s academic goals is that students become efficient and wise problem solvers.  This is accomplished by various methods such as, guiding students through inquiry based lessons, as well as activity based learning.     
  • ISNA Elementary School adheres to the Ontario Ministry Guidelines.