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At ISNA Elementary School, the pursuit of excellence in all things governs school life:
  • The investigation of human knowledge and the acquisition of skills within a vibrant Islamic setting inspire and provide focus.  
  • ISNA Elementary School’s academic program is grounded in Islamic context. It demands good teaching and student accountability. A focus on learning and practicing Islamic values, along with developing academic skills and applying them in all endeavours, is the hallmark of our program.   
  • The school program demands total participation in the exercise of the intellectual, physical, and spiritual faculties found within each member of the ISNA Elementary School community.  
  • The educative process is both formative and summative. Quizzes, tests, assignments, projects, portfolios, presentations are a regular part of the student’s work. All of our students continue to secondary schools and perform quite well. 
  • A successful year for students is measured by their diligence in studies and their initiative and responsibility as contributing members of the school and its community.