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Quick Facts - Elementary School


  • FACT: ISNA Elementary School is one of the pioneer full-time Islamic schools in North America (established in 1983).  
  • FACT: Many Muslim professionals in Canada and abroad have attended and graduated from ISNA Elementary School. 
  • FACT: ISNA Elementary School students have consistently performed above provincial test score averages (Ontario). 
  • FACT: ISNA Elementary School is located in a quiet, peaceful neighbourhood that is officially zoned for a school (formerly a public school). 
  • FACT: ISNA Elementary School students have first priority for admission into ISNA High School.


Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum

ISNA Elementary School adheres to the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines and expectations. The school is very proud of its academic program and participates in the annual Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) standardized testing for Grades 3 and 6 students.

Established School Facility

The ISNA Elementary school building is a full-fledged school.  It is complete with spacious, air conditioned classrooms.  It has a gym that provides recreational and sporting activities.  ISNA Elementary is also committed to enhancing the learning experience of its students by having a well maintained computer room as well as a library.  Outside, the school shares Laughton Heights Park with the local neighbourhood.  This allows our students to enjoy more recreational outdoor activities during lunch and other times such as a playground for the little ones as well as a basketball court, a baseball diamond and a soccer field.


Safe and Secure Learning Environment

The local neighbourhood of ISNA Elementary is one of the safest in the city.  There is an active neighbourhood association that ISNA Elementary is part of that ensures the safety and protection of all its inhabitants. 

Islamic Environment 

Alongside Ministry Guidelines, ISNA Elementary students complete courses in the Arabic Language, Quran and Islamic Studies.  Students learn about and apply their religion thoroughly throughout the day.

The ISNA Elementary Uniform policy reflects and adheres to the Islamic dress code.

Students also participate in congregational prayers daily, as well as Friday prayers with the weekly sermon.