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Admission Policies and Procedures -

ISNA Elementary School (Kindergarten - Gr. 8)

We would like to welcome you to ISNA Elementary School and we thank you for your interest in registering at our school. Our mission is to provide a challenging academic program in an Islamic environment, preparing students for secondary education.

In order to maintain our standards, our admissions are based on a selective process.

Please review the following steps:

STEP 1: Application


  1. Complete and submit an Application Form to the School Office.  Each child in the family needs to have a separate form
  2. The fee for this submission is $50 (payable in cash or cheque).  This is non-refundable
  3. Children applying will be placed in a grade according to their chronological age.
  4. Submit report cards from the last two years.  Report cards must be in accordance with ISNA Elementary School standards.  Report cards must contain appropriate grades clearly indicating student performance
  5. If requirements i) – iv) are satisfactory to the School Administration the child is entitled to:
    • a placement on our school waiting list for their respective grade in September
    • an entrance assessment in English language and mathematics based on the applied for grade level
    • an interview with a School Administration official (Grade 6-8)
  6. To maintain waiting list status prior to registration students must:
    • pass entrance assessment in English language and mathematics with a minimum score of 70% or B- in both subjects
    • pass interview with School Administration official (Grade 6-8)
  7. The ISNA Elementary School Admissions Committee will make the final decision regarding application approval.  Parents/guardians will be notified of this decision.

STEP 2: Waiting List

  1. Once an application has been approved the student applying will be placed on the School Waiting List
  2. Waiting List priorities to fill vacancies will be based on (in order):
    • Applicant has satisfied application requirements outlined above
    • First-come-First-admittance basis (Date of Application)
    • Applicant has sibling(s) in the school
    • Applicant is transferring from another Islamic school
  3. Parents/guardians will be notified once a vacancy occurs for their child to continue and register into the school

STEP 3: Registration

Approved applicants must ensure that the following requirements are completed and provided to the school office:

  • Completed Registration Form
  • Make payment for the $100 (non-refundable) registration fee per student in the form of cash or cheque
  • Completed Medical Form
  • Copies of applicant’s health card and recent immunization record
  • Two recent passport-size photos of applicant
  • Copy of applicant’s Birth Certificate and/or Passport
  • Signed Enrolment Contract and Financial Agreement

NOTE: The School Administration will nullify the applicant’s admission:

  1. if any provided information is false, contradictory or inaccurate
  2. if the OSR from the previous school shows any misconduct or contradiction to any documentation provided to the school